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20 Days To Go!

5th December, 2017


Today’s helpful hints is a very important one! It’s one not to forget! So here’s your warning! Don’t forget to treat those hard working staff members to a special gift for all their hard work throughout the year. Keep the morale nice and high with a thoughtful gift. Don’t forget friends and colleagues too! I’ve even helped you out by choosing a few ideas for you!


First up, we have one for the gents, a very trendy, leather torc bangle from Unique Jewellery. A very nice piece for a gent casual or evening wear.


Next we have a pretty pair of Sterling Silver, diamond set flower stud earrings from Hot Diamonds. A great price point and a great way of saying thank you to friends, colleagues or staff for all their hard work and loyalty.

The last helpful hint of the day comes from the very popular jewellery line from Muru. I’ve chosen one of their most popular pieces, a Sterling Silver feather pendant and chain. Each meaningful piece is lovingly designed in the U.K. They combine British culture with ideas & mythologies from around the globe to create irresistibly sentimental & wearable jewellery.

See you tomorrow for some other ideas to make Christmas a little more stress free!

Team Hopper




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