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22 Days To Go!

Countdown to Christmas has begun!


Today we have some ideas for gift ideas under the £100 mark.

First up we have a piece from Claudia Bradby, A Guardian Angel silver & pearl necklace. Claudia was inspired by the idea of guardian angels as a source of protection, and equally the support and protection given by close friends and family. The enchanting wing design is based on the lifelike depictions of angels found in Classical art, to create a meaningful talisman that can be given and worn as a symbol of love and friendship.

Claudia Bradby Guardian Angel Necklace SKU 56135 £95.00


Next up is a sweet solid silver Wren bracelet by Alexis Dove, handmade in the UK

Alexis Dove Wren Bangle SKU 38975 £95.00

Last but not least are these stunning 9ct gold thread through drop earrings! 9ct yellow Gold trace chain links a gold bar and a polished marquise shape feature end piece as the main element in these beautiful drop earrings.

9ct Pull through drop earrings SKU 56358 £69.95


As always if you see something you like and want it popping to one side ready for collection please contact us including the items SKU number or click on the ‘collect in store’ button, both can be found on each and every item on the website. We will even gift wrap it free of charge ready for when you pick it up! Christmas made easy here at Hoppers!




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