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Jewel/Duel Rolex Watches

Just for fun, putting items of jewellery against each other, which one do you prefer?! Have your say! Which one will win?! Only one way to find out!…. 


Every now and then on our Facebook page, just for fun, we like for you to have your say! So head on over and join in! Which one’s your favourite? LIKE or LOVE whichever one you prefer!

This week is a little different because the duel is between two similar watches that have just arrived at Hoppers Headquarters. The first is an absolute classic in the watch world, the Rolex Submariner watch complete with ceramic bezel. The second is another stunner…the Rolex GMT Master II. Again fitted with a ceramic bezel, but this watch is a little different, it is fitted with a discrete second hour hand for a second time zone. Ideal for holiday makers and explorers alike! If you wanted to treat that special person or just wanted to treat yourself which one would you go for? Which is the most popular?! only one way to find out!….

Pieces on show are (click on links below for price and availability)

Gents Rolex Submariner Watch

Gents Rolex GMT Master II Watch

Please note this is for fun and not a competition!




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