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New Stock & Out Of Stock Items

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New Stock Pieces

We are constantly adding new items of stock to our website (as well as removing discontinued items) to make sure you don’t miss out on these items making their way to the website you can simply click HERE to find a list of products with direct links so you will never have to miss out again!

Out Of Stock Items

If an item you’ve fallen in love with is marked as ‘Out of stock’ don’t panic! It is more than likely on back order so keep an eye out or bookmark the item and it will be back ‘In stock’ soon enough. If you cannot wait that long and want to know how long it will be for the item to arrive or if you have any kind of enquiry for any of our items just click on ‘Enquire/Collect in store’ button found to the right of the item image, include the SKU number (every item has an individual number found just below the price) and ask us anything, we will get back to you with an answer ASAP. Or if you prefer you can email us hoppers@sthopper.co.uk or you can even phone us on (01205) 362087 we will be happy to answer any enquiries or put an item to one side safe and ready for you to collect when you visit us next 🙂

All our details can be found HERE

diamonfire 3 stone ring

If your favourite Diamonfire ring is ‘Out of stock’ don’t panic contact us!



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