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Facebook Competition!

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Facebook Competition!

Firstly I’m very sorry for the lack of updates lately, it’s been so busy here at Hoppers Headquarters that I haven’t been able to do anything on social media. The spare time I do have I’ve been working on improving the website but more on that once it’s been completed. All I will say is that it will be more streamlined so finding that ideal item/gift will be easier than ever. So to make up for the lack of updates we are going to give away to one lucky winner a Henry watch. Henry watches are trendy watches that have a very vintage/retro look and this model can be worn by either a lady or a gent with its 39mm case. We’ve chosen a Henry watch because we are having a very special offer on all the Henry and Daniel Wellington range. Every watch has 40% off the RRP for a limited time so even if you don’t win this fabulous prize, you’ll be able to get any Henry or Daniel Wellington watch at a very special price! Perfect for a Valentines gift!


For a chance of winning this £95 model shown above simply LIKE our Facebook page so you can join in the fun and see the latest goings on in the jewellery world, LIKE, LOVE or WOW and SHARE this post for a chance of winning! Good Luck!

You’re very welcome to Tag a friend to the post if you think they would love this competition

Someone WILL win this bracelet on 17.02.18 #BeInItToWinIt

Click HERE to enter and good luck!

*Competition is open to all in the UK so you are just a few clicks away from being in with a chance of winning!

*Only one prize, one winner and cannot be swapped or returned for anything else, but why would you?!

*If we do not have a response from the winner within 48 hours of announcement we will carry on with the give-away and choose a new winner. Somebody WILL always win our fabulous prizes.

*Please note this competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Happy Retirement To Our Jules

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Happy Retirement To Our Jules


Julie, best known as ‘Jules’ to us at Team Hopper has decided the time has come to retire after 14 loyal years. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Jules in all that time and it will be so difficult to replace such a warm, lovely, smiley lady. Even when she tells me off for being messy, she always has a beaming smile. The good news is she has promised to keep in touch, popping in to see us regularly and to bring us lots of goodies for tea times! Although I would think she’s well and truly had enough of my forgetfulness and tidying up after me! Best wishes for the future Jules we miss you already as I’m sure all the Hopper Shoppers will miss you too 

Although Jules is rather camera shy but I did manage to find these pictures of her! 


This one was taken December 2012 dressing our watch window, beaming as always

This picture was taken June 2012 with lucky Facebook competition winner Roxanne

Here’s one with Jules on the left with some of Team Hopper taken in June 2016 celebrating the Queens 90th Birthday

Last but not least, my favourite picture of Jules taken very recently with her good friend and part of Team Hopper, Charlotte


Alpina Smart Watches now on Special Offer!

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7 Days To Go!


Phew! I’m pooped! That’s 10,000 steps recorded already today! Hey! You can do the same with these Swiss made Horological Smartwatches from Alpina! To make it even better for humans they are now on special offer! Right…it’s time for this little sausage to take a nap 

10,000 steps! Time for a rest little Teckel!

The following Alpina Smartwatches are now on special offer for a limited time! Click on pictures below for more information. S.T Hopper giving you more ideas in time for Christmas!






See you soon for more ideas Hopper Shoppers!

Star Wars Royal Selangor Pieces

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12 Days To Go!


I’ll admit, not everyone here at Hoppers loves Star Wars but I do! I can’t wait to see it tomorrow night at The Kinema and you never know, if it’s as good as the others (Not counting episode I, II & III !) I may see it again at some point at West End cinema too! If you’re like me and love the world of Star Wars then be quick! We are down to our very last (not last Jedi) Royal Selangor Stormtrooper figurine and the last Stormtrooper and Boba Fett tumblers! They are flying away quicker than the Millennium Falcon in a hyperspace jump!



Be quick! Our very last Star Wars Stormtrooper Figurine!


Now for a Christmas treat the very last 2 tumblers will be buy one, get one free! That’s right! buy one tumbler at £59 and get the other free saving £59! Call in or contact us for more details. This is the last pair so it’s first come, first serve basis.



See you for more Christmas hints and tips very soon! -Team Hopper



BALL watches at Hoppers Boston

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Click HERE to view our full range of BALL Watches available both on-line and in-store. Continue reading for a closer look at the quality and history of the brand.

Ball Watches Official Stockists

S.T Hopper has been a renowned watch specialist in Lincolnshire from the very early days, when our grandfather Stanley T Hopper started the business in 1926. Today, we are one of only a handful of independent UK stores selected to stock this prestigious watch brand

Team Hopper is very proud to stock the BALL watch brand in Boston. Not just Boston but Lincolnshire! 99% of you may never have heard of this watch brand before so grab a cup of tea and let us give you a brief look at the rich history and quality that this watch brand has to offer. Quality of that of watches Such as Omega, Breitling and Tag Heuer. You’ll be very impressed, don’t believe me? check out the reviews on the internet. The reviews speak for themselves…..Let us begin!

The Mission of Ball Watches

Since 1891, BALL watch company has been producing timepieces that comply with the most stringent criteria for precision, quality and reliability. With a rich past closely associated with the history of the American railroads.
BALL Watch Company are focused to build the mightiest, superior watches that endure all adverse conditions, whether it’s on land, up a snowy mountain, under the sea or even in space!

BALL watches has a rich past closely associated with the history of the American railroads

The Kipton, Ohio Disaster and Webb C. Ball

The Kipton train disaster on April 18th 1891, was spectacular. The collision of the two trains was due to the engineer’s watch being four minutes slow and not knowing this, he didn’t leave enough time to get on to the siding. Due to this accident on the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad in Kipton, the General Superintendent of the Lake Shore Line appointed W.C.Ball as Chief Inspector to investigate time keeping.


The collision of the two trains was due to the engineer’s watch being four minutes slow

W.C.Ball was a Cleveland jeweller and as a direct result of the collision he investigated railroad timekeeping, and finding practices woefully deficient, he instituted watch performance and inspection standards in 1893. Subsequently he became Chief Time Inspector for many railroads and produced a quality railroad timekeeper: the BALL Railroad Watch. The phrase ‘On the Ball’ was coined to refer to its total reliability in timekeeping for the American railroads.


An original BALL watches poster advertising their reliability with its ‘Safety First’ message

Accuracy under adverse conditions

The BALL watch logo is ‘accuracy under adverse conditions’ that includes outer space! The BALL ‘Spacemaster’ watch was used for the space flight on 5th April 2010 on board the space shuttle Discovery. The Discovery reached an altitude of 221 miles and a speed of 17,500 mph. The flight duration lasted 15 days, 2 hours, 47 minutes, 10 seconds covering a total distance of 6,232,235 miles. The logo ‘accuracy under adverse conditions’ is what BALL watches are all about. It sums up the brand very well. BALL watches are a fantastic price point, when you look at them against other brands, including Omega, Tag Heuer and Rolex, you will see the level of  finish that goes into each and every automatic BALL watch makes them on a par with these other brands.

BALL Watches ‘Accuracy under adverse conditions’

Ball micro gas tubes

The BALL solution to the problem of reading the time in the dark is with Self-Powered Micro Gas Lights (3H). This Swiss technology safely captures pure tritium gas in a mineral glass tube coated with luminescent material. The light is produced when the electrons of the tritium strike the luminous phosphors on the inside of the glass. The 3H micro gas lights glow up to 100 times brighter than luminous paints for up to 25 years. They do not require charging from any outside light source or power source. The encapsulated tritium gas poses no risk to the wearer over the life of the watch.


This picture shows the power of the micro gas lights which is 100 times brighter than luminous paint


The gas tubes do not require charging from any outside light source or power source


Crown Protection System

When watches fail, it is not usually due to a crack in the case or crystal. In fact, many watches are damaged due to water or shock damage that comes from the crown. The crown, particularly if it is not a screw-down crown, is among the most at risk parts of a watch. For this reason, all BALL watches use screw-down crowns.
The BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon collection is specially protected against the elements. Its patented crown protection system guarantees superior water and shock resistance, even at the most vulnerable area of the case, the crown.


The BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon collection with its patented crown protection system 

Springlock anti-shock system

The BALL watch company has always been producing timepieces with the most stringent criteria for precision, quality and reliability. In order to meet these criteria in all situations, BALL focuses on developing new resistance technologies. In 2013, BALL introduced its patented Springlock anti-shock system. Disorient of the balance-spring upon shock impact is the most common cause of watch inaccuracy. Springlock, the worlds first revolutionary and BALLS patented anti-shock system enhances watch accuracy by reducing the balance-springs shock impact by 66%. Philippe Antille, chief technology officer at BALL Watch Company, would often use as an example the environmental effects a watch might endure while around the wrist of a drummer to illustrate the purpose of such a system. Antille found the perfect tester for his new anti-shock system. Enter Eric Singer, drummer of the rock band Kiss who formed in 1973 with huge hits which include Shout it out Loud and Rock and Roll all Nite. Eric Singer who is already a BALL watch fan owning 2 already, welcomed the idea of wearing a BALL watch while drumming at a few concerts.


 Phillippe Antille & Eric Singer without ‘The Catman’ Kiss make up

On 18th June, 2013 Eric Singer wore the first prototype on stage in Milan,while Phillippe Antille monitored the results. The outcome was even better than expected, as the watch only had a difference of a few seconds after being ‘mistreated’ during the concert. After asking Kiss’s drummer how hard he was hitting the sticks he explained “I try and be relaxed, but as forceful as possible. If I tried to drum the way I do on-stage now, without adrenaline, it would hurt too much and I couldn’t do it. Aside from the fact that a watch doesn’t really really go with my costume, I was always afraid that I’d destroy a mechanical watch movement if I wore it on stage”


   Eric Singer about to go on stage with his Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne watch fitted with the Springlock

Having the chance to test the system in a real, concrete situation was an amazing opportunity for the company. As a start BALL Watch has endowed a few models with the Springlock anti-shock system, these include The Engineer Hydrocarbon Black, The Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne and the Trainmaster Cannonball.


 The aftermath: Phillippe monitored the watch performance during the concert and the outcome was even better than expected

BALL patented clasp

The triple folding clasp and its extension, patented by BALL watch, is a pure distillation of innovation. To improve the strength and durability of this clasp, it is machined from a single block of stainless steel. A 22 millimetre extension system has been added on both sides of the bracelet so that the watch can be worn over sports gear.


Again it’s all in the finishing, even down to the watch clasp!

Suitable for all environments

The researchers at BALL Watch Company have engineered timepieces with special lubrication for expeditions in the North and South Poles. These timepieces feature specially blended Swiss watch oils that give the watches an operating temperature range from -40°C to 60°C (-40 to 140°F). This special feature allows the Engineer Hydrocarbon to fulfill its promise as a dependable partner for BALL Explorers in their endeavours in the world’s most challenging environments. This includes water where this watch makes the perfect diving companion with its patented crown protection system.

Engineer Hydrocarbon

 The Engineer Hydrocarbon watch from BALL built for the most challenging of environments

BALL Watch case backs

The finishing to each and every BALL watch is exceptional, even down to the detail of the case backs. Here we have a scuba diver engraving to one of the deep sea diver models. Later we will show you what BALL watch did for us with the Leicester City Football Club case backs.


Scuba design to one of the case backs. It’s all in the detail


 BALL Watches are very proud of their rich history. Here we have a steam train engraving.

Movies & Television

A lot of people from the UK may not have heard of the brand before but without realising it you may have seen these quality automatic watches on TV and movies many times. It proves a useful tool to one of the CSI New York team, the Cleveland Express BALL watch has made a few appearances in the hit TV series. They have appeared in blockbuster movies with stars such as Denzil Washington from the 2003 film The Taking of Pelham 123 wearing his Trainmaster Cleveland Express watch. You may have even seen them on sitcoms such as ‘My Dad Says’ starring William Shatner who is actually a big fan of BALL watches and can be seen wearing a Hydrocarbon Spacemaster BALL watch in the sitcom.


William Shatner: It had to be the Spacemaster model didn’t it?!

Our Customers Have Balls

A customer who bought a Skindiver BALL watch from us emailed a picture (below) of him wearing it on holiday. He said he was putting it through it’s paces and passing with flying colours! Or was he just showing off its cool styling?!

See you at the pool!

Team Hopper

Ball watch

A lucky Hopper Shopper enjoying his Skindiver BALL watch

13 Days To Go!

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12th December, 2017


Stuck for ideas for that special man in your life? We have you covered! If you are wanting to give him a special quality gift you will find it here at Hoppers. From Rolex watches to Mont Blanc pens, we will help you find that perfect gift for that perfect man.

If he is a lover of watches, our range is quite extensive. Our watches start from under £75 up to £10,000 there is something for everyone and every taste. Our pre-owned section offers watches from Rolex , Omega, Breitling to Blancpain. For today’s temptation I’ve chosen to show you our Omega Speedmaster watch. A stunning timepiece also known as the legendary ‘Moonwatch’, is one of the most iconic and distinguished watches ever made. It is best known for its work with NASA as the officially sanctioned chronograph for use on the moon. Can be seen in many movies such as Apollo 13 for the man movie lover.

Next up we have another watch, this time a brand new watch made of bronze from the quality BALL Watch Company. The gents, bronze Engineer III Amortiser with its old vintage look, digital style numbers manages to blend old with new. The dial numbers are done in the same tradition as all BALL watches, with gas tubes for perfect, bright night time reading. Being fashioned in bronze makes this watch stand out from the crowd. Bronze is a lively metal that will take on the character of the owner and will develop a beautiful and unique patina that will continue to change over time. A quality, all round timepiece.


Last but not least, we have the quality pens and leather accessories from Mont Blanc.  Montblanc, synonymous with exquisite writing culture for the past 100 years, follows lasting values such as quality and traditional craftsmanship. Its uncompromising demands on shape, style, materials and workmanship are reflected in all its products.


See you for more tips for Christmas very soon! -Team Hopper



14 Days To Go!

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11th December, 2017


Now it’s Mums turn! Treat her to something special this Christmas, she deserves it! Here are a few ideas we have come up with…



First up for Mum we have another piece from Unique Jewellery. A beautiful leather bracelet with a love heart charm and crystal set ball. Guranteed to make Mum go wow!

If Mum is more into pearls then what about a very trendy pearl bracelet from Claudia Bradby?! ideal for engraving/personalising. Stunning!

For a third option to tempt you with we have some pretty Sterling Silver stud earrings set with Cubic Zirconias from Ti Sento. Guaranteed to put you on Santa’s good list.

As always I hope this gives you a little taste of whats on offer here at S.T Hopper. Please browse the website or call in-store to see all our dazzling items up, close and personal.

See you soon for more tips -Team Hopper

18 Days To Go!

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7th December, 2017


Continuing with our effort to bring you daily helpful tips, today, we bring you a few ideas you will find here at S.T Hopper for Dad!


First up for Dad we have another piece from Unique Jewellery. This is our best selling gents ring, a Tungsten Carbide, Blue Carbon Fibre ring. Very hard wearing and very trendy, done in multiple sizes.


Next you may have noticed Sherlock Holmes wearing it in the BBC hit, modern update of the famous sleuth and his doctor partner who together solve crime in 21st century London. His trusty watch, a Rotary on a black leather strap.


For my third and final random pick for today’s ideas for Dads has to be this really cool Soldiers horn mug, made in England and can be famously seen on the huge hit series Game Of Thrones…..VERY cool Dad


That’s it for today! Feel free to come in-store or browse our website for more ideas. See you again soon for more random ideas! -Team Hopper

20 Days To Go!

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5th December, 2017


Today’s helpful hints is a very important one! It’s one not to forget! So here’s your warning! Don’t forget to treat those hard working staff members to a special gift for all their hard work throughout the year. Keep the morale nice and high with a thoughtful gift. Don’t forget friends and colleagues too! I’ve even helped you out by choosing a few ideas for you!


First up, we have one for the gents, a very trendy, leather torc bangle from Unique Jewellery. A very nice piece for a gent casual or evening wear.


Next we have a pretty pair of Sterling Silver, diamond set flower stud earrings from Hot Diamonds. A great price point and a great way of saying thank you to friends, colleagues or staff for all their hard work and loyalty.

The last helpful hint of the day comes from the very popular jewellery line from Muru. I’ve chosen one of their most popular pieces, a Sterling Silver feather pendant and chain. Each meaningful piece is lovingly designed in the U.K. They combine British culture with ideas & mythologies from around the globe to create irresistibly sentimental & wearable jewellery.

See you tomorrow for some other ideas to make Christmas a little more stress free!

Team Hopper


21 Days To Go!

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4th December, 2017


So we have 21 days to go! As promised we will come up with daily ideas to help get you through this stressful time of year! and as always, please contact us if you want more information on any item or if you want us to put anything to one side. We are here to make life easier! Today’s category is gifts under £250 so I’ve chosen 3 items to wet your appetite! Take a look below and click on the links for further information


First up we have this delightful pendant and chain, designed with elegance in mind this 9ct Yellow Gold, double twirl, pendant necklace is destined to charm. The glitter detail adds a fabulous shimmer, the delicate trace chain is 18 inches long with the additional option to shorten to 16 inches. At £199 this is just gorgeous.

Next up we have leather goods from Mont Blanc such as this leather belt which is perfect for the man who has everything. At the Montblanc Pelletteria in Florence the maison’s highly skilled artisans craft handsome leather goods of cultivated elegance. They nurture centuries-old traditions founded in the impeccable workmanship of the city’s craftspeople of the Renaissance era. With superb artistry and a drive to create the extraordinary, highest-quality leather is carefully selected and painstakingly shaped by experienced hands for the wallets and other accessories of the Montblanc leather collections.

For the third item we’ve picked this pretty, ladies Citizen watch which is not only HALF PRICE! but also the first Eco-Drive Atomic Timepiece for ladies with atomic clock synchronisation for superior accuracy. This watch captures all the technology from the men’s collection; designed with the same sophisticated intelligence, but styled for women. In stylish stainless steel with turquoise accents on a shimmering mother-of-pearl dial. So a bargain at £189.50 Wow!


Countdown to Christmas begins!

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December 2nd, 2017


It’s the 2nd of December already! 😱 fear not! We are here to help! Today we’ll tell you about the special offer we have on all the Endless Jewelry range. 50% off ALL the leather bracelets, silver charms, everything! The perfect, stunning stocking filler!

With 50% off the leather bracelets the prices now start at as little as £20 each and the Endless silver charms start as little as £20 each. So now you can build up and design a charm bracelet of your dreams at an amazing price.

To view the whole range please call into the shop and we will help you build the bracelet of your dreams!


Half price off the whole Endless Jewelry range so be quick!

Space, Omega Speedmaster, Snoopy and of course movies

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Space, Omega watches, Snoopy and of course movies

Does anyone remember the brilliant Live in space on Channel 4 with Dermot O’Leary back in March 2014? It made excellent, interesting television. It captured my imagination wondering how amazing it would be to see the planet the way these brave astronauts see it. The sights, colours and the sense of freedom must feel amazing. There were perils which I have never thought possible in space such as drowning! If you have not seen the series then you must! It made me think about how these amazing astronauts rely on each other to stay safe and how vital their equipment is to them. There is one piece of equipment that we are going to look at that has gone through severe tests to make sure it can withstand all types of conditions and pass NASA’s high standards so there is minimal risk of it faltering. It is of course the trusty watch. Only a few brands of watches made it through to be considered for space flight they included Rolex, Breitling and Omega. Only one watch made it through under conditions of zero gravity and magnetic fields, extreme shocks, vibrations and temperatures ranging from -18 to +93 degrees Celsius. This watch was the Omega Speedmaster which passed every single test thrown at it.



The Omega Speedmaster as worn on the moon by Apollo astronauts

On 1st March 1965, the Omega Speedmaster chronograph was flight qualified by NASA for all manned space missions. The watch later became known as the Moonwatch. Its most famous mission being the Apollo 11 spaceflight that saw the first time ever humans walking on the surface of the moon on the 20th July 1969. The landing was watched by an estimated 600 million viewers live on television.


Buzz Aldrin seen here wear his Omega Speedmaster on his right wrist


Unbeknownst to many, Snoopy, from the Peanuts comic strip who was created by Charles M Schulz became a very important symbol in space missions. NASA wanted to use a symbol that was well known and would be accepted by the public. The ‘Snoopy award’ was to be awarded to individuals and companies for outstanding contributions to human space flight and mission success. Charles M Schulz who was an avid supporter of the space program, welcomed the idea of using Snoopy for the award and agreed to let NASA use “Snoopy the Astronaut” at no cost and the award is still used today.


Omega earning the “Snoopy Award” the highest distinction awarded by NASA

Omega watch company received the Snoopy award on 5th October 1970 in recognition of the role their Omega Speedmaster played on the Apollo 13 mission. Omega launched a special Speedmaster ‘Snoopy’ watch, a limited edition of 5441 were made after the elapsed time of 142 hours 54 minutes and 41 seconds. Working here at Hoppers I have been lucky enough to have seen one of these rare, stunning watches in the flesh and just wish I could have had it for my own collection! A good condition pre-owned ‘Snoopy’ watch will cost you £4,500 – £5,000



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The Omega ‘Snoopy’ Speedmaster celebrating the Snoopy award made in a limited number of 5441 also shown is the case back design which is engraved with the limited edition number

Another Speedmaster worth noting in our space theme is the Omega Speedmaster Apollo Soyuz 35th Anniversary Chronograph, famous for its meteorite dial. The dial has been created from a meteorite which survived entry into our planet’s atmosphere and the high speed impact with the planet surface. The meteorite’s unusual structure is the result of the very high temperature it reaches when it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, followed by it naturally cooling. The dial is a single piece cut from the meteorite and what makes it even more special is that no two pieces of meteorite are exactly alike making each watch absolutely unique. This model normally sells for around £5,000


The Speedmaster Apollo Soyuz 35th Anniversary Chronograph. The inner dials show the meteorite’s natural colour

As you may have guessed from previous articles not only do I love items to do with the jewellery trade, I also love a visit (or two) to my local cinema. I can’t help but notice what actors and actresses wear in these big blockbusters. As the theme today is space, Omega and the Speedmaster model I’m going to share with you what I’ve noticed over the years. I’ll keep it short but of course interesting!

Film: Apollo 13

As mentioned earlier in the article the Omega Speedmaster played a very important role in life saving time keeping on the Apollo 13 mission. In 1995 the historical docudrama hit movie Apollo 13 depicts astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise aboard Apollo 13 for America’s third Moon landing mission. En route, an on board explosion deprives their spacecraft of most of its oxygen supply and electrical power, forcing NASA’s flight controllers to abort the Moon landing and turning the mission into a struggle to get the three men home safely. Tom Hanks who plays Jim Lovell is shown below before the actual mission doing what we all have done, staring at the moon imagining what it would be like to actually step onto it with feet crunching into all that lovely moon dust! This screen capture shows Tom Hanks wearing his Omega Speedmaster which were given by NASA to each of the Apollo astronauts.


Tom Hanks measuring the size of the moon with his thumb complete with his Omega Speedmaster


Bill Paxton who played Fred Haise is shown to be wearing the same model but on an X X long strap!

Film: Minority Report

While watching the 2002 futuristic thriller I couldn’t help but notice Tom Cruise wearing a very futuristic model of Omega, the Omega Speedmaster X-33. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea but for me its such an unusual model for Omega that its a real gem and an antique of the future. It may be a quartz watch but it is a true instrument crammed with many different functions. It’s worth noting that during this scene in the movie the watch changes from being an Omega Speedmaster X-33 to actually morphing into a Bvlgari watch which is another quality prestige make of watch. If I was to guess neither watch company would have appreciated the fact their watch brands shared the same ‘watch’


The X-33 Speedmaster before it ‘morphs’ into a Bvlgari watch in hit film Minority Report

The X-33 nick named ‘The Mars Watch’ was to follow in the footsteps of the ‘Moonwatch’ and as before the watch has gone under thorough tests and is built for working in harsh environments. It has a lightweight, ultra resistant titanium case. The watch case is reinforced so that the watch can withstand great shocks and at the request of the astronauts the digital display is large to make it clear and easy to read. The watch is still used and in service at NASA but was discontinued in 2006 to the public.

1The Omega Speedmaster X-33 original ‘Mars’ promotional advert

     Film: Gravity

As you’ve learnt from this article the watch of choice in a space setting is the only watch to have been qualified for every NASA piloted flight since 1965 and that watch is the Omega Speedmaster. Perfect even in a science fiction thriller keeping the movie as authentic as possible. So it comes to no surprise that during the 2013 hit movie Gravity the watch is worn by George Clooney who plays Matt Kowalski. Another reason will be due to the fact that George Clooney is an Omega ambassador!


George Clooney with his Omega Speedmaster Professional in 2013 hit movie Gravity


But fear not! keep an eye on our pre-owned watches section on our website or visit us at the shop as we get stock on a weekly basis, better still if you have a watch/model in mind, get in contact with us and we will do our very best to source your ideal watch for you. All pre-owned prestige watches have to pass Team Hopper’s high standards. Condition is everything and each watch is fully serviced and put in to our shop window and website along with full warranty.



Great care has been taken to make sure these images do not infringe any copyright laws. If somehow we have used one of your images please contact us and we will remove it immediately. Thank you