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Stag & Ox Horn Giftware Updated!

Prepare for all that’s to come on Game of Thrones by treating yourself to one of these natural material, handmade drinking vessels! Using traditional methods, skilled horn carvers at Abbeyhorn have produced a range of quality goods that are both captivating, functional and official suppliers of the drinking horns and horn tankards as seen throughout the amazing Game of Thrones series!

Jon Snow & King Robert Baratheon with their British made horn tankards

Abbeyhorn have been in business for over 250 years when the art of horn carving was prolific. Today’s Artisans still use these traditional skills, handed down over generations, to bring you this natural and appealing giftware. Sadly Abbeyhorn are one of the last manufacturing horn business in the UK. In fact there is only a handful of companies worldwide that continue this tradition. They use Ankole Cattle horn which is a by-product from family farms in West Africa. Also antler shed by Scottish Red Deer, one of the largest of the deer species in the UK. The Stags grow antlers in the Spring and shed them at the end of Winter.

No two pieces of horn ever have the same colouration making each piece unique and individual to make that perfect gift. The materials Abbeyhorn work with are all an organic substance which when handled with the correct care can last a life time.

For our full stock of Abbeyhorn giftware please click HERE

Other horn giftware is available in-store and online such as stag handled letter openers, cheese knives and keyrings. All can be found on our website by clicking HERE

Each stag handled piece is a one of a kind so a perfect, practical gift

If you see something you like whilst browsing our website and want it popping to one side ready for collection just send us a message including the items SKU number or, if you prefer click on the ‘collect in store’ button, both can be found on each and every item on the website. We will even gift wrap it free of charge ready for when you pick it up! Christmas made easy here at Hoppers!



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