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#ThrowbackThursday Hoppers Boxes 1930s-2000


Let’s take another trip down Memory Lane……

A fun throwback this week! I can’t take credit for this idea, it was a customers idea to show any old jewellery boxes that we’ve made throughout the years. Well, after a lot of rummaging through the Hoppers vault I’ve found quite a few! So to make it easier to view I’ve popped them (in no particular order) into the correct decades. That’s right, we have Hoppers boxes from the 1930’s all the way through to the year 2000!

Some are discoloured with age but overall it’s amazing what good condition these boxes are still in! We all agree here at Team Hopper that these old boxes have some real charm about them. The very first box (top left) is a ‘Claypoole’  bar brooch box. Claypoole Jewellers was based in Boston’s Strait Bargate and was eventually taken on by Stanley T Hopper in 1926 so this is a lovely old pre 1926 box. The whole story of Claypoole jewellers and where it all began can be found HERE

In the very early 1970’s the Hoppers font changed from a plain black font to a lovely golden leaf complete with 70’s brown felt styling. Towards the mid 80’s we see a huge change in styling with a dazzling use of crystal boxes to display your purchase in. As we head to the 1990’s up to 2000 the boxes begin to look clearer and more crisp, not so busy and could still be used today.

My Favourite box throughout our 91 years…

For me the box that stands out the most from the past and has a bit of wow about it has to go to the mid 1980’s ring box. Yes it maybe very 80’s but it looks very striking and thanks to the Hoppers Vault still looks as good as it did 30+ years ago!

What is your favourite box throughout our 91 years?! Let us know below or on our Facebook page

2015 onwards…

As styles change so do our boxes, today you will find our diamond rings fit very comfortably in these stunning wooden boxes

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