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#ThrowbackThursday Silver & China Gallery Then & Now


Let’s take another trip down Memory Lane……

It’s another fun look back in time! This week on our Facebook  & Twitter pages we have two pictures, The first is a ‘then and now’ picture of our Silver & China Gallery taken in July 1981 and how the building is now, the Halifax Bank.

How the Halifax building looked 36 years ago!

The second picture for today’s #ThrowbackThursday is the interior shot of the Silver & China Gallery with Mrs Hopper seen here at the helm during the late 1970’s. It’s a lovely, classic look of how things were during the 70’s. The period styling is rich in this picture from the chandeliers to the big round bulbous display lighting typical for this decade. Another thing that strikes me about this picture is how all the items were completely out on display literally, no locked display cabinets in sight!


Interior shot of the Silver & China Gallery with Mrs Hopper at the helm



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