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#ThrowbackThursday The 1960s Watch


Let’s take another trip down Memory Lane……


Today on our Facebook and Twitter pages we have another look down memory lane.


 This week we’ve gone through the vaults and go back to the 1960s when we were back in Strait Bargate, Boston. During this time we sold Hoppers mechanical ‘De Luxe’ watches. Just a few months ago we came across one and decided give it some TLC and…. Hey Presto! A classic 1960s watch restored back to its original glory 😊⌚️

Hoppers Watch in its original state


Good as new! After its full refurbishment


The Hoppers shop which was located in Strait Bargate during the 1960s. The place where we sold the Hoppers De Luxe watches (note Currys next door with the bicycles in the window!)



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