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#ThrowbackThursday The Ring Pad


This week we have another special look back in time! The first picture shows a young Gerry Hopper serving a couple in the Strait Bargate shop circa 1955. The picture itself, which is still in very good condition takes us straight back in time from the clothing to the hair styles you could almost be there!

Gerry Hopper with customers in his early twenties in the Strait Bargate Shop 

If we look closely to the ring pad Gerry is holding, we still have the same pad today! and here it is. That’s right, the ring pad from circa 1955 has been found in the Hoppers Vault and has now made it’s proud debut on this weeks Throwback Thursday! It has been stored very carefully over the years in our archive so still looks very good 60 years later!

The original Strait Bargate Ring Pad 60+ years later!



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