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#WowWednesday Bell & Ross Hydromax


For all things WOW, look no further…💍

In case you haven’t joined our Facebook or Twitter pages you may miss out on all sorts of stunning items that you’ll find in the jewellery world. If you love watches you’ll love this weeks #WowWednesday This weeks stunning timepiece is a highly unusual, rare, surprisingly slim, professional deep sea divers watch from Bell & Ross which is filled with special oil called Hydroil. It’s hard to believe this watch is completely filled with this special fluid, even the movement and dial! There’s only a couple of types of special Swiss movements that can work once submersed in this liquid. Because of this, the watch can withstand huge pressures and will allow the wearer to maintain perfect performance 11,100 meters under water! this depth is the deepest known ocean depth (or another way of putting it, over 6 miles down) wow! Not that anyone will be doing that depth anytime soon but it’s good to know you’re in safe hands with such a super tough, understated special watch which just happens to be for sale here at Hoppers Headquarters!

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