Garmin Watches Now Available At S.T Hopper!

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S T Hopper Ltd are proud to be the authorised stockist of the specialist Garmin professional, premium range of smartwatches. As a traditional jewellers this was quite a step for us, the thought of all this technology housed on your wrist was a little daunting for us all. However, a couple of us at the shop decided to take the plunge and purchase a model each (yes watches are our weakness!) they have proved to be much more straightforward and user friendly than we had feared. We can't claim that we are all now budding Olympic athletes, but we are certainly getting to grips simply through playing around with the training programme apps, heart rates and of course the music storage facility present on many of the models. The more adventurous of us have GPS models that can map our cycle, run or hike and accurately pin point our position on the built in mapping feature. At a more sedate level we are finding it great to be able to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram tagging and messages, texts and of course emails, all sent directly to the watch. One feature is for the watch to vibrate on your wrist when you do get a notification if you prefer to receive messages discreetly.


Receive messages and emails as well as pay for items using your Garmin watch!

One of the most pleasing aspects is that most of the watches can have the face of the watch customised. With a couple of clicks or touches of the screen you can change the watch from an analogue dial to a digital dial. Once you get bored with the preset dials you can go to the Garmin app store and download additional faces! The Garmin Connect Store has so many extra apps to choose from, from Spotify to games there are literally hundreds of apps to choose from.

Hundreds of apps to choose from including Spotify

It seems the possibilities are endless, particularly with regular Garmin updates made possible via the Garmin website or better still thanks to the Bluetooth and WiFi technology built in to the watches you'll always be up to date and a step ahead.

We've noticed the watches function with normal wear for approximately two weeks before they need a quick recharge. On average to fully charge our watches it takes no more than an hour! Very impressive.

So the overall verdict from Team Hopper is that you don't have to be computer technician to be able to work these watches, in fact they are so easy to use, so discreet in receiving messages and emails, so useful in storing up to 500 songs onto the watch, so clever in keeping your everyday steps, stair climbing count and heart rate monitor, you'll be wondering why you didn't take the plunge earlier, just like we thought! you won't regret it, it's been a worthy addition to our watch collection!

A shot of us linking our watch to a Bluetooth speaker for a barbecue!

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