S. T Hopper Welcomes The Michel Herbelin Antares To The Family

Posted by Matt OCallaghan on

Imagined and created in the French Watchmaking Workshop Michel HERBELIN, the Antarès collection offers a wide choice of straps, single or double wrap, in leather or metal, which allows the personalization of your watch. Quick, tool free, safe and easy, create your tailor-made watch!

In a couple of easy steps you can choose a watch that suits your personality.

Step 1, Choosing a watch: Choose a watch whether it's polished steel or gold plated, round or rectangle. Want some diamonds in the dial? They do that too! Simply click below to see a selection of Antares watches.

Step 2, Choosing an interchangeable strap: Choose from a wide choice of leather straps, single or double turn or, if you prefer, a metal bracelet either in polished steel or a 2 colour option. Choose from multiple strap options, quick, safe and easy. Choose for your mood! Click below for all available options.

Step 3, All done! Once you've chosen your watch and strap(s) you can either pick up in-store where we can show just how easy it is to change straps. Or If you prefer, we can post directly to your door, Special delivery, free of charge!



For all our models in the Michel Herbelin range, please click HERE


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