Sterling Silver Boulder Opal Pendant and Chain

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Boulder Opal is a variety of Opal found in Queensland Australia. Considered by many to be the most beautiful Opal . It is without doubt the most interesting of Opal.

The Opal forms in veins and vugs throughout the Ironstone & Sandstone boulders. Cutting methods for this type of Opal vary depending on the Opal within the boulders.

Sometimes the Opal face is exposed and polished leaving the Ironstone rock under the face on the back of the gem

Often the Opal and Ironstone is cut in such a way as to blend the two together giving the finished gem a unique and stunning appearance.

Boulder Opal is found in the Queensland outback in the mining districts surrounding the towns of Quilpie and Winton.

Type: Necklace Metal: Sterling Silver Stone type: Boulder Opal Other: A one off shape and colour natural Boulder Opal, Oblong Shape, Polished Silver mount specially shaped to take this piece of Boulder Opal, Rub Over Setting, Polished Finish, Complete on a Sterling Silver 20" Inch Spiga Link Chain