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We thought with everything going on in the world we should take a little look back at some old Christmas themed social media little helper pictures. A bit like a 'best of' countdown that everybody seems to do on television these days but with our favourite little soldiers! Hopefully it'll bring a little positive smile to your face :-)

In sixth place, we have Rufus and Bertie on their best behaviour in front of our stairway Christmas tree in 2017, to this day, we don't know how they sat so still! It'll never never happen again I'm sure.
In 5th position was this movie related picture! In December 2015, A certain huge movie called Star Wars The Force Awakens came out and Rufus wanted a bit of the action. After not being taken seriously, he's now waiting for a star part in The Mandalorian, protecting 'Baby Yoda' in Season 3.
Another movie related picture! Now everybody loves a good, big budget movie on Christmas day and Rufus isn't any different. Rufus decides to do his best Harry Potter's Dobby impression for you all in 2018

In 3rd place we have another classic, it proved very popular with you Hopper Shoppers. Rufus wearing his Santa hat from 2013. It was so, so hard to do, it kept slipping off! The only way we could do it in the end was to sneak a hand in to keep it on his head!
Our second most popular Christmas little helper picture was taken in 2018 and stars our Molly and Bilbo. They may not look too impressed but they were actually happy wearing their Christmas deely boppers! Very cute <3
Here we are, big one....It's finally time to show you our most popular, most liked Christmas picture of all time! This was taken in 2015 and has had the most love. So much so we have used in our Christmas posts most years. It's also one of the only pictures we have of ALL the little soldiers together. It wasn't the easiest picture to set up, but definitely the most rewarding. All of of Santa's little helpers, Bertie, Rufus, Molly & Bilbo just want to have a word with you all by saying (in unison) "Have a safe, peaceful Christmas Hopper Shoppers" See you in 2021 for more Saturday night social media posts! X
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