Did You Know? One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing

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Most of the actual outdoor sequences that were filmed for the war movie 'One of our aircraft is missing' were done in Boston. Released in June 1942, the movie was set in Holland but because of the second world war it was impossible to film there and so they decided to film the outdoor sequences in Boston Lincolnshire instead, due to the building architecture being similar to that of Holland's. The screen captures below are scenes taken from the 1942 movie and the first clearly shows the town bridge, assembly rooms and the Boston Stump!


1 Hour 5 minutes into the movie shows the first glimpse of Boston!

Most of the Boston scenes haven't changed a bit since the 1942 movie! Next is a scene which was filmed just outside the Boston Stump looking towards the corner of Wormgate

Another random scene was clearly taken at the Boston Docks and shows the Railway Swing Bridge. Have we missed any?! Let us know!


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