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The birthstone for April is Diamond

For many people, the most precious and most fascinating stone on Earth. Diamonds have captivated us throughout the centuries with their unmistakable, breathtaking brilliance. A truly unique gemstone.

Here are some interesting and fun facts regarding the Diamond gemstone:

• The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that diamonds were tears cried by the gods

• Diamonds are hardest natural substance on Earth. The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond

•The diamond is more than a billion years old. The Earth is estimated at 4.5 billion years old. The oldest diamonds are believed to have been crystallized around 3.3 Billion years ago

• Diamonds are made of only one element which is Carbon. They are made under the immense heat and pressure far below the earth’s surface

• Diamonds are forced to the surface of the Earth by the pressure of volcanic eruptions.

• The Hope Diamond is 45.25 carats, and it looks blue because it has boron inside it. It is thought to carry a curse.

• Diamonds that are not of jewellery quality are used for industrial machines that cut and polish the surface of things because they are so strong.

•The largest gem quality rough diamond ever discovered is the Cullinan Diamond. Weighing in at 3,106.75 carats! Found in a South Africa mine in 1905 and was named after the mines chairman, Thomas Cullinan.

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