Did You Know? November Birthstone

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The birthstone for November is Topaz
Topaz is a very popular gemstone found in various colours, the most popular colour that people associate with Topaz is blue. However, many people don’t realise that it is also available in a wide range of other colours including yellow, white, orange, red, pink, violet and green.
Topaz can be found in many countries around the world which includes Brazil, Russia, Zimbabwe, Germany and the USA.
The El-Dorado Topaz, which weighs a whopping 31,000 carats (6.2 kg or 13.67 lbs) currently holds the crown as the largest faceted gemstone in the world. Originally discovered in 1984 in mineral-rich Minas Gerais, Brazil, the pre-cut El-Dorado crystal tipped the scales at a mind-boggling 37 kg (81.6 lbs). It belongs to the British Royal Collection. 
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