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No appointment needed!

*Please note we, S.T Hopper Ltd, pierce ears from the age of 6*

We have been piercing ears in Boston for well over half a century now. Our ear piercer is trained using the latest equipment, to offer a fast and convenient, mess-free ear piercing service, with minimal risk of infection. Our modern piercing guns use disposable parts made from sterilised medical grade plastic, to avoid the introduction of bacteria into the lobe.

All piercings are done discreetly in the back showroom of our shop as shown here with Kasey Slater


BEFORE: Kasey all ready for her ears to be pierced with Mother Karen Slater on hand to take a photo!

We offer a vast selection of stud earrings to choose from. This includes Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold stud earrings. Ear piercing starts as little as £17.50 for a pair of gold plated studs, this includes the piercing too.

After care solution is available upon request for a small additional charge.

Single piercing is available too and starts as little as £9.50

Within a few minutes Kasey is the proud owner of her first gold stud earrings! You could be next!

Call in today* and see for yourself how quick, safe and easy our ear piercing service is


AFTER: Kasey with her new stud earrings. She is one happy lady!

*You do not have to make an appointment, we a have gentleman who does our ear piercing so we do not dual pierce. He is usually available daily but please contact us first on (01205 362087) before making a special journey in case he is on holiday, day off or illness.

*Please note we, S.T Hopper Ltd, pierce ears from the age of 6*

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