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You may have seen in the news lately that lab grown diamonds have come on to the market in a big way. We have decided to offer our customers the choice between natural and lab grown diamonds and most importantly tell you what it means by the term 'lab grown' in this very article which will help our customers decide what is right for them when deciding between the two.

Lab grown diamonds share the exact same chemical make up as natural diamonds and are optically and physically identical. The big difference is how they have been formed and of course the cost!

Many years ago natural pearls were very much the reserve of the very wealthy due to their rarity. It wasn't until man intervened and began to create cultured pearls by adding a bead or irritant into the oyster shell that the cost of pearls dropped and they became more accessible. Much like a cultured pearl, lab created diamonds are formed from a tiny lab grown diamond seed. A combination of heat, extreme pressure and a carbon source are then used to make the crystal grow layer by layer, speeding up the process that takes nature hundreds of millions of years. The longer they are left in this process the larger they become. However, just as in nature, the colour and clarity of the diamond cannot be controlled. The finer quality diamonds are then selected to be sent to diamond cutters who will then precision cut and polish them.

Any S.T. Hopper lab grown diamond over 0.30 carats is assessed and graded by the world renowned IGI (International Gemological Institute) diamond graders. Each diamond is laser inscribed with their own individual number.

As of writing this article, all of our current stock of lab grown diamonds are the finest D colour diamonds and just like our natural diamonds, are mounted in either 18ct gold or platinum mounts.

The big difference is the much lower cost of these stunning gems. For example, a natural 1ct, D colour, SI1 diamond set in a lovely platinum ring mount would sell for approximately £9,995. A lab grown diamond, 1ct, D colour, SI1 set in a lovely quality platinum ring mount will cost you £2,995 (November 2021) so depending on budget, size, mount, we have something for everyone, whether you decide to go natural or lab grown, we have a diamond for you.

As always, every item is available in-store and on-line (with free UK Special Delivery postage)

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