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Let's take another trip down Memory Lane......
This week we wanted to show all you Hopper Shoppers an advert we did back in what we think would be the 1930's so pre 49 Market Place when we were in Strait Bargate!
Found deep within the Hoppers vaults is this very fragile, old newspaper cutting which reads:
'Hopper's Late GEO. CLAYPOOLE
Here is a Jewellery Establishment equipped with a really first- class display of the latest Engagement and Wedding Rings, Gold Bracelet Watches and a host of other most useful and ornamental gifts.
Call and inspect this stock  there is no obligation'
Going by the mention of Claypoole and the phone number of '28' ! We think this Hoppers advert is around 90 years old, if not older! 
Also it's also worth noting the 'wanted' section on the back of the clipping, one reads:
'Pea Pickers, also packers wanted. Apply, J. B. Dring, Norfolk Street Factory, Boston'
another reads:
'Smart Errand Boy wanted - Hunter's Tea Stores, Boston'
Lots of Boston history! 
#ThrowbackThursday Boston

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