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Let's take another trip down Memory Lane......

Today on our Facebook and Twitter pages we have another look down memory lane.

For all you Hopper Shoppers who like old, vintage pictures we have just the thing for you! This week we have two of our oldest pictures to show you. These have been safely stored away in the Hoppers Vault for all these years. The first picture shows a gentleman looking very dapper in his suit complete with pocket watch. This is Great Grandfather Hopper, Mr Arthur Thompson Hopper.

Mr A.T Hopper

The second picture shows Arthur Hopper outside his shop with two of his children. These two children were brother and sister to Stanley Thompson Hopper who's absent from the photo who later established 'S.T Hopper jewellers' in Boston, Lincolnshire in 1926. You may have noticed that there is a pattern emerging and that is the jewellery and watch trade runs through the veins of the Hopper family and we are now the 4th generation family jeweller. Arthur Hopper's jewellers shop as shown in the picture was located at 23 Aire Street, Goole, Yorkshire, opposite the quayside (If you look closely enough in the picture you can even see the reflection of a fishing boat!) This was taken circa 1900 making this the oldest Hoppers Jewellers photo we have!


A.T Hopper Jewellers taken Circa 1900, our oldest family jewellers picture!

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