Ladies Herbelin Antares Rectangular Watch Head Only

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Make it extra special

Today, Herbelin is celebrating 70 years of independence, over the course of which nothing – or almost nothing – has changed.
All of its watches are designed, assembled by hand and inspected in the brand’s Franche-Comté workshops and promote the same philosophy: the creation of timepieces that are designed to last, all the while respecting artisanal know-how and adding a touch of French elegance.
Since 1947, Herbelin has adapted to developments and changing fashions while staying true to its identity.

Change strap and look of your watch with the Herbelin Antarès and its interchangeable leather straps and bracelets! Choose for your mood!

Rectangular steel case with a classic plain black dial

Swiss Movement

This is for the watch head only. Antares Leather straps and bracelets fit easily and securely onto any Antares model of watch head. 

2 Year Warranty

All available straps and bracelets can be viewed HERE