Boston Floods 5th December 2013

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Boston Floods 5th December 2013

Please note these pictures were shared publicly across social media with last 2 pictures taken by S.T. Hopper.

No Bostonian will forget the 5th of December, I remember the start of the day very well. I got to work, got the windows displays ready and priced some new stock. A normal start to a Thursday. Then at 10:30am my wife rung the shop in a panic "Have you heard?!" "Heard what?" I replied, "The environmental agency are ringing everybody we are going to be flooded tonight, should I move our belongings upstairs?" I replied "wait! I'm sure they are just over reacting at this stage" How wrong I was. I'm sure I wasn't the only one to think like this and throughout the days more and more reports came in. Could Boston really be flooded?! The last kind of flooding in Boston was in the 1950's. At 7:00pm the question was answered. Reports came through from various places, their roads were becoming flooded. For the people who did not experience this I have put together the pictures that came through different medias to show the severity of the floods. At the end of this article is a link I have come across. It a Facebook page that shows people how they can help with the clean up operation and how we could all help in raising money for those who have been affected. We always hear the doom and gloom of Boston, now let's show everybody how we can get together and make a difference.

This was one of the first pictures posted. Showing The Stump being hit by the flood

Water has now reached The Assembly Rooms and nearly reached the top of the Town Bridge

From the Town Bridge you can see the water had reached The White Hart Hotel

As time went on, the banks finally burst causing much devastation for residents and businesses.

The flooding starts as the water flowed over the walls

Picture taken from Sluice Bridge shows the devastation of the flood

Wormgate got affected pretty badly

West Street also got affected

Bridge over John Adams Way and High Street affected

Another view of John Adams Way

Church Lane leading to Market Place was badly hit too

We were very lucky the water made it to the top of the curb but no further

This shows just a random number of places around Boston that the flood hit causing major devastation for a lot of people. Some people had their ground floors completely flooded. We need to think of ways of helping. One way is through a group on Facebook who are doing a good job in finding ways of helping people and businesses affected by the 5th December floods. Please click on link below and find a way to help each other through this difficult time. Thank you

 Team Hopper


Get Boston Back On Its Feet


Please note these pictures were shared publicly across social media with last 2 pictures taken by S.T. Hopper.


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