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Do you know how a 'Tennis Bracelet' got its name? Well in the 1987 U.S. Open, tennis star Chris Evert was playing a vigorous match. The clasp to her diamond line bracelet she was wearing broke in the middle of the televised match and so she asked the officials to stop the game because her beloved diamond bracelet had broken on the court. She wanted time to search for and retrieve her bracelet. Since that incident, this style of bracelet has been referred to as a 'tennis bracelet' The form of a 'tennis' bracelet not only looks stunning but also makes it ideal for sporty women whose active lifestyle doesn't lend itself to the wearing of bangles or heavy jewellery. The bracelet is lightweight and flexible, making it less likely to get banged or dinged when playing a sport such as tennis or squash.

We usually keep Tennis Bracelets in-store, in Sterling Silver and in 18ct white gold. Price range from £179 up to £10,000

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