The New St Botolph's Bridge

The New St Botolph's Bridge

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The New St Botolph's Bridge

It has finally happened. After nearly 12 weeks work through rain and more rain, Britcon UK Ltd has finally built and lowered the new £750,000 bridge into position late Saturday evening on 22nd February 2014. We say goodbye to the old St Botolph's bridge which was dismantled on the 10th January after over 40 years of service and welcome in the arched design bridge chosen by the public in 2012.


The original 40 year old St Botolph's bridge located to the side of the famous Boston Stump

The original bridge for me will not be missed. If you were to arrive by bus to visit our historic town the main route by foot would see people walking over this eye sore. Not the warmest welcome to our town and was always a problem for wheelchairs and pushchairs especially in the winter due to the steep slope. It became our very own winter Olympic ski slalom thanks to its slippery ice surface. But the bridge has been a part of Boston's everyday life for the past 40 years as the picture below shows and so does need respect in never faltering.


This picture late 90's shows St Botolph's bridge leading to Kwik Save. Note Herbert Ingram statue surrounded by grass!

The Britcon UK Ltd bridge has taken approximately 12 weeks to construct the bridge most of which was spent behind The White Hart Hotel. When the 65 metre length bridge reached completion on Saturday 22nd February it took the work of a huge Baldwins crane, thought to be the biggest crane in the country to hoist the bridge into position. This was a very precise operation which needed pin point accuracy. This was planned for Sunday 23rd February but conditions were perfect on Saturday with wind speed being under 23 mph meaning the bridge wouldn't swing out of control. The following pictures include the different stages of Saturdays epic move!


Britcon UK Ltd constructing the bridge behind The White Hart Hotel and B&M


The biggest crane in the country getting ready for the big lift. By 4:30pm with daylight slowly disappearing the straps are moved into position and crowds start to form waiting for the historic move


5:00pm picture taken from the Town Bridge with the cranes straps in place and large crowds forming


Crowds forming from all angles even people standing on the steps of the back of B&M Stores to get a view on what's going on with the Boston Stump looking on

By Saturday evening the bridge was successfully lowered and positioned precisely. A job well done but to some this new bridge is considered to be an expensive luxury we could have done without. Could we have done without it? good question but I think this bridge will act as a new landmark for Boston and will improve the views of the nearby environment, enhancing the area with it's contemporary arched design. Above all it will finally include a non-slip surface and will improve better access to pedestrians, wheelchair and pushchair users and mobility scooters which will hopefully give a warm welcome to all visitors shopping in Boston. I hope this will help invite more people to our town and give the town a positive vibe especially after the December floods and the normal doom and gloom we seem to pick up in the press. But what do you think? Let us know below or on our Facebook page. Undecided? take a look at the pictures below which were taken in a calmer setting after the big lift on Saturday.


The new St Botolph's Bridge with The White Hart Hotel and Assembly Rooms taken from the Town Bridge


View of St Botolph's bridge from Church Lane. Grand opening of the bridge on 28th February be there!


Picture from opposite side close to Police Station and B&M Stores


A view close up from Haven Bank


Total length of St Botolph's bridge is 65 metres long complete with lighting to give visitors a warm welcome


The Boston Stump overlooking St Botolph's bridge behind B&M Stores


The new £750,000 St Botolph's bridge pictured from Haven Bank


Old with the new: A nice long shot of The Boston Stump and St Botolph's Bridge taken from Haven Bank

So there you have it. We're a fan, are you? Let us know your thoughts...


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