Where it all began

Where it all began

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 Where it all began...
Pre 1926
Before the name Hoppers jewellers was a well known name in Boston there was another. This was Claypoole Jewellers. This very old photograph shows how businesses in the town looked at the turn of the 20th century. Claypoole's were not only a jewellers and watchmakers, but also a Pawnbroker and Outfitter.
Business in Boston as it was at the turn of the 20th century
Claypoole Jewellers was based in Boston, 16 Strait Bargate and was eventually taken on by Stanley T Hopper in 1926
 Mr G Claypoole can be seen here standing in the doorway. Pre 1926. Note the amazing lamps to the shop front
This picture shows Strait Bargate as it was in the 1920's. With no cars, cobbled streets and old street lamps. Also worth mentioning the picture shows everybody wearing hats!
S.T Hopper jewellers opened in December 1926 by Stanley T Hopper, the son of a Yorkshire jeweller. The original position of the Hoppers shop was 16 Strait Bargate, opposite what is now Oldrids and had a very reliable clock fitted to the shop front. Legend has it that the clock, in all its years in service only ever stopped once, this was due to a power cut (more on the Hopper's clock on a future Memory lane!) 


This 1950's picture shows S.T.Hopper shop in it's original position in Straight Bargate. Note the Rolex sign and the Hoppers clock

Strait Bargate has seen many changes over the years, the main change is now of course it being pedestrianised. The traffic running through the centre of town is now a distant memory. The Hoppers shop was part of a lovely building which is still there today and now one large shop, Clarks Shoes.

S.T Hopper Jewellers as it was, next to W. Mason & Son (now Clarks Shoes). Circa 1955

Some old classic buildings have disappeared over the years sadly. For one, the Red Lion Pub which was located just a couple of buildings up from the Hoppers shop.  It was later in life demolished and many years on became the location of  Woolworths, the place to go every Saturday morning! Now of course Woolworth's is also a shop of the past and the QD Store has taken its place.

The view along Straight Bargate. Late 1950's with the Red Lion Pub on the left

This picture taken in the 1960's shows that whatever the weather, rain or snow, Hoppers was always (and always will be) open for business!

Mid 1960's on a snowy day, Stanley Hopper shown standing in his doorway. Note the Currys shop next door selling bicycles in their top window display

The final picture in this Memory Lane update shows Strait Bargate as it is today (November 2013)

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