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Let's take another trip down Memory Lane......

This week we have a fun look back at these pictures, the first picture taken mid to late 1970's shows front of the shop with a sign in the window that reads 'Open all day Thursdays in December' Thursday afternoons were half day closing in Boston and the town was ghostly quiet, just like how Sundays used to be. Right in the distance you can see another sign that reads 'Showroom Upstairs' These were in the days of when we had two sale floors.


The shop during the 1970s-mid 80's

The next couple of pictures are of the till we used during the time when the above picture was taken. We still have it safe in the Hoppers vaults and would have been our first till after the the UK adopted a decimal currency. This replaced the £.s.d. - pound shilling and pence system in which there were 20 shillings in each pound and 12 pence in each shilling. This N.C.R (National Cash Register) till weighs an absolute ton! We never would have worried about the till being picked up and stolen! The till that was in use at the shop until 1986 features a ½p button and a customer counter. Very modern for the day, they certainly don't make them like this anymore!


The trusty Hoppers Arkwright till that was in use for many years found alive and well!


Our N.C.R till post Decimal Day complete with ½ penny button

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