#ThrowbackThursday Then & Now 2

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Let's take another trip down Memory Lane......

It's another fun look back in time! This week on our Facebook & Twitter page we have two pictures, the first was taken in 1969 by Addys of Boston for us after the moving in and the refurbishment work to 49 Market Place was completed. It shows the right of the front entrance where we used to have the till. Note the ashtrays ready for the customers to use! 

This picture was taken just after we moved into 49 Market Place, 51 years ago!

The second picture shows the exact same position 51 years later with our up to date display cabinets that were lovingly crafted by MG Dales Joinery of Leverton. If you look closely on the wall on the left you'll see our very own 'Memory Lane Wall' we are very proud of our history and the rich history that Boston has to offer.


Same position in the shop as you will see it today!

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