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As you can imagine we have many, many gems here at S.T Hopper but there is also a gem that you may not know about. It takes pride of place in the office and even after 20 years of working at the shop I still find it stunning. It is a huge picture of St Botolph's church also known locally of course as the Boston Stump. In the early 1970's Gerry Hopper had the Hoppers office relocated upstairs and this picture caught his eye when visiting his friend Derek Addy, a local photographer from 'Addys of Boston' in Wide Bargate. Gerry fell in love with the picture and purchased it there and then perfect for the new office. It has lived at Hoppers ever since and we thought such a gem needs to be enjoyed by all.


Our office picture which still has the original 'Addys of Boston' sticker stuck to it (bottom right) since the early 1970's!

In August 2015 we showed Shaun Addy this picture that his father sold to Gerry Hopper and was very proud of his fathers photography skills and went about to find out more about the picture. Shaun went through old negatives and found this amazing original image of our picture (shown below) After all these years we never knew this existed! A fantastic photo made even better, thanks to the Addy family for finding this photo which also shows our shop and most of the Market Place. This original picture would have been taken we think mid to late 1960's.

A big thank you to Shaun Addy & family for hunting down and finding the original picture!

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