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Let's take another trip down Memory Lane......

Today on our Facebook and Twitter pages we have another look down memory lane.

Today we thought we'd show you a few of the many style of clocks we have sold over the years all with our name literally on them! In the Hoppers Vault we have a large 1950's Bakelite wall clock, a high quality Walnut mantle clock from the 1970's, a very unusual hanging rope clock also from the 1970's

Our most famous clock shown below, taken in the 1950's, the clock hung proudly over our shop in Strait Bargate. The last 25 years of its life, it had been running without any weatherproof casing! This is because it was damaged and cracked during the second world war and resulted in the glass facing falling off!

For more information on our original Hoppers Clock can be found in a previous 'Memory Lane' post

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